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How to check the quality of furniture

TIME : 2022-06-20 HITS : 3

The quality of furniture mainly depends on the cutting and sawing of the board, the installation of edges and surfaces, and the smoothness of the frame of a good board cutting and sawing, and there will be no tilting of the office furniture in the later stage. Glue is also one aspect. It is necessary to observe whether the glue is evenly applied, the gap of the drawer, and the flexibility of pushing and pulling. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether there is a pungent smell. You can open the drawer and feel the locker. In addition, you can ask the manufacturer to provide a quality report of formaldehyde content! Too much formaldehyde can easily cause health problems. Selecting solid wood pieces will produce a crisper sound when tapped by hand, which is a better solid wood furniture. For the same kind of wood, the crisp sound is relatively dry, while the lower one is relatively damp.