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What the difference of Nordic type with Japanese style?

TIME : 2022-06-03 HITS : 5

Take the Japanese style with a similar style to it. Although the Nordic style also pays attention to simplicity, it is obviously much bolder in the matching of materials and colors. That is to say, when you choose a Nordic style home, there are available matching solutions. It will be much richer, and it is no wonder that young people are so keen. The workmanship and materials of Nordic furniture will determine the quality of the dining table. This Nordic-style dining table is made of imported solid wood from all over the world.
The wood core is more than 50 years old, with better quality, harder texture, and relatively clear and natural lines, eliminating the stiffness of artificial imitation. These logs need to be polished for 3-5 times, which can avoid burrs and bring a warm and delicate palm touch. The European pastoral style, pastoral style, as the name suggests, means that there will be many characteristics with "pastoral" elements. Use certain skills and furniture accessories to express rural life and country art, comfortable and leisurely, return to nature, and do not pursue exquisite craftsmanship. In the Nordic-style pastoral design, the background is generally white, with fabric decorations such as broken flowers and stripes, and the furniture material is pine, white furniture with wood grain, and small potted plants that can be seen everywhere, depicting the Tranquil idyllic scenery in Nordic style.